Future Weather Inc.

Future Weather Incorporated is a Canadian corporation founded by Roger Smith in 1980 to study global climate processes and make long-range forecasts.

This work began on a rather simple foundation, using existing conventional techniques and hoping to blend in some new research on the interactions between the Moon and the atmosphere.

This research yielded some promising results in the 1980s, but a second research program then began when further study revealed the importance of variations in the solar system magnetic field.

The research has continued intensively since that point, and expanded from North America to Europe and Asia as the research of Roger Smith continues to develop in detail. The whole complexity of global climate is obviously of great importance to this project, but the day to day development of the theory at this stage involves detailed predictions for North America and western Europe in particular.

At this stage, in the “climate” of global warming that affects all scientific work in this field, the research could best be described as alternative and focused on the natural variability of the earth’s atmosphere, although the company maintains an objectivity about how much the climate may also be changing because of human activity. At this point, the basic answer to that complex question is: most of the variations observed are probably natural and therefore predictable from some comprehensive theory like our own. Some additional warming or modification may be taking place, but probably less than the consensus of the IPCC and other climate authorities.

Future Weather Inc. will continue to develop its research, focusing on monthly and seasonal trends, any possible improvements to global models in use for short-range forecasting, and severe weather, long a dedicated interest of the company’s founder.

(note: the current home page photo shows a wintry scene in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, looking north across Slocan Lake towards the Selkirk Mountains. It won’t be long before we see these beautiful snow-covered views again. )

Current weather across southern Canada and the USA (except Alaska & Hawaii) …